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KangaROOS x Ruttloff "Denim" - Ultralite - Made in Germany

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Herstellerfarbe:dark navy / red
Herstellerland:Made in Germany
Releasedatum:06.11.2021 - 00:00 Uhr



Johann Ruttloff has been manufacturing jeans and shirts from the highest quality Japanese selvage denim since 2010 (, making him one of the few pioneers of artisanal and sustainable jeans production in Germany. An early fascination for this resilient material and the complex production method formed the basis for a desire - which at some point developed into an urge - to found his own business.

Johann's manufactory is in Dresden.

Japanese denim is characterized by exceptional high quality and also combines a traditional, more ecological production method, which guarantees a particularly long service life, with fair payment for all those involved in the production process. That culture, and precisely this claim, is also lived in the shoe manufacturer Hummel & Hummel, and of course the result is that no mass-produced goods, but strictly limited pieces are produced, if only due to the limited availability of materials and labor.

This creates aesthetic products with a story, a noticeable culture, the opposite of the fast-fashion orientation that is prevalent across the board. And this is exactly what our collab project and all products that leave both factories are all about: to create awareness that the era of the production of purely disposable goods must have no future.

The material used on our collaboration is a "10.1 OZ natural indigo dyed light weight 3/1 denim" from Kuroki (Japan / Okoyama). The upper material of the *Ultralite* consists of a combination of predominantly denim and suede as well as embossed cowhide. The lining was also made of denim.

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