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KangaROOS x Atelier Kamp "VIC"- Ultralite - Made in Germany

x Atelier Kamp
x Atelier Kamp
x Atelier Kamp
x Atelier Kamp
x Atelier Kamp
x Atelier Kamp
Herstellerfarbe:faded blue / steel grey
Herstellerland:Made in Germany
Info:Der Schuh fällt sehr groß aus. Bitte zur kleineren Größe greifen.
Releasedatum:10.09.2021 | 00:00 Uhr



ATELIER KAMP’s Ultralite MiG *VIC* is inspired by the „Vienna International Center“, also known as „UNO-City“. This extraordinary building from the 70's has shaped our aestetic sensitivity significantly while it’s synonymous with the Donauinsel – Vienna’s most popular local recreational area.

The Austrian architect Johann Staber planned this building in a total of 6 Y-shaped parts that in their distinctive arrangement should throw shade on each other as less as possible. The *VIC* opened its doors in 1979 – right when Bob Gamm launched his "shoes with a pocket" - and is rented by the United Nations (UN) for one symbolic Schilling (0,07 €) since then.

KAMP‘s late Aunt Heide used to work at the Uno City supermarket when he was a kid, hooking him up with all these strange and rare sweets and beaverages. She was his connect to the „cool". This one‘s for her.

The 90's indoor silhouette is mainly wrapped in buttery smooth Nappa leather, with microperforations on the toe and qulited sidepanels to reference the building’s structure. A beautiful bluish light grey takes on most of the upper while dark grey suede covers the heel part. Different shades of 70's orange can be found on the animal stripe, laces, lacejewels as well as the terry cloth lining. White nubuck and creme beige suede details as well as lilac TPU eyelets provide for accents. A creme beige sole unit with lilac details and a violet stabilizer are finishing off this future classic.

These times call for unity. We are all small parts of a bigger picture. Every pair comes with two puzzle pieces, hoping that we will be able to put together this puzzle one day.

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